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    Major Exhibitions  

    "Sailing with Lata: The Original Polynesian Voyager" April 28, 2007 - October 31, 2007 at the Kaua'i Museum, Lihu'e, Hawai'I, 96766, USA ›››  Exhibit Page 

    Magazine and Edited Volume articles about the Project  

    ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND MEDICINE IN NON-WESTERN CULTURES, 2007, Seafaring in the Polynesian Outliers by Richard Feinberg and Marianne George

    "VAKA MOANA" 2007, Auckland War Memorial Museum Publication, 1 page inset, The Vaka Taumako Project by Marianne George.

    German National TV (ZDF) production "Polynesien Nomaden der Sudsee" for German television

    PACIFIC PADDLER, June 2002 A Cause for celebration: Open house in Taumako by Meph Wyeth ›››  Read Article 

    SAILING NEW ZEALAND, Vol. 38, July 1999 The return of Lata by Dr. Mimi George

    PACIFIC ARTS, July 1999 Vaka Taumako: The Art and Craft of a Polynesian Voyaging Canoe ›››  Read Article 

    WOODEN BOAT MAGAZINE, Sept/Oct 2000 The Return of Lata by Dr. Mimi George ›››  Read Article 

    CANOE AND KAYAK MAGAZINE, December 1998 p. 14 Stone Age Sails, Space Age Shapes, Ancient Wisdom by Gordon Grant

    KA'U LANDING, February 1999, p. 13 An Ancient Seafaring Tradition Reborn: The Vaka Taumako's First Voyage by Meph Wyeth

    PACIFIC ISLANDS MONTHLY, September 1998, p. 52 Vaka Taumako: Rescuing Ancient Skills by Pauline Walker

    SEA HISTORY, Spring 1998 (#84) p. 40 The Return of Lata: Building an Authentic Polynesian Voyaging Canoe by Dr. Mimi George

    SOLOMONS (Solomon Airlines inflight magazine), issue #25 (June, 1998) p. 34 Return of the tepuke by Meph Wyeth ›››  Read Article 

    TAHITI PACIFIQUE, Mai 1999 (#97), p. 48 Lancement d'une pirogue traditionnelle polynesienne de voyage a Taumako by Dr. Mimi George

    Partial list of newspaper articles  

The Garden Island (Kaua'i)

    4 February, 1998, p. 3-A Program sails into making Taumako canoes
    19 June, 1998, p. 1-B Taumako chief links Kaua'i to distant heritage, by Brandon Sprague
    18 September, 1998, p. 1-B Canoe project draws Kaua'i interest
    4 February, 1999, p. 5-A Video re-lives maiden voyage of the Vaka Taumako, by Anne E. O'Malley
    10 June, 1999, p. 1 Canoe springs from the forest
    12 August, 2000, p. 3-A by Healani Waiwai'ole
    29 November, 2000, p. 6-A by Healani Waiwai'ole
    26 April, 2007, p. 6-B Kaua`i Museum explores tradition of voyaging canoes by Keya Keita

The Honolulu Advertiser (all articles by Jan TenBruggencate unless otherwise noted)

    Monday (Date obscured), October 1995 p. A-3 (?) Canoe-buiding culture tries to survive
    12 November, 1997 p. A-1 Islanders revive canoe-building
    14 September, 1998, p. B-1, Navigator journeys back in time
    7 June, 1999 p. B-1 Chiefs offer Kauai canoe as thanks

Kauai Island Monthly

    7 November, 2003, p. 2, Blue Water Sailing Aboard Gryphon – Yacht with memories for sale or partnership by Anne E. O'Malley — Dr. Mimi George "talks story" about adventures aboard the Yacht Gryphon. ›››  Read Article 

The Kauai Times

    11 September, 1996, p. 1-A, Anthropologist seeks support for Polynesian canoe project by Susan Dixon
    5 April, 1997, p. 6-A, Traditional Solomon designs made for a traditional canoe
    9 August, 1997. p. 1-A, Taumako set to launch canoes
    18 October, 1997 p. 1-A, Taumako voyaging canoe sails
    15 May, 1999, p. 1-A, Voyaging canoe builders share skills with Kaua'i by Healani Waiwai'ole
    28 April, 2007, Sailing with Lata: Kaua'i Museum Opening

The Solomon Star (Honiara)

    2 June, 1998, p. 2 Group on exchange project to Hawaii by Francis S. Pituvaka
    5 June, 1998, p. 10 Duff Islanders revive canoe buiding...elders pass on seagoing lore, by Francis S. Pituvaka
    10 June, 1998, Duff Islanders visit Hawaii by Francis S. Pituvaka
    19 August, 1998, p. 5 (2 articles): Memorable day for Duff Islanders and Chief confident with Vaka Taumako
    30 June, 1998, p. 4, Letter to the editor by Luke Ogrady Vakawi

    For additional reading:  

    BUCK, Peter, Vikings of the Sunrise, Whitcomb and Tombs Ltd. Christchurch, 1938

    DAVENPORT, William, Social Organization notes on the Northern Santa Cruz Islands the Duff Islands (Taumako) p. 137, Sonderdruck aus Baessler-Archiv, Beitraege zur Voelkerkunde, Band XVI, 1968

    FEINBERG, Richard, Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation, Kent State U. Press, Kent OH 1998

    HADDON, A.C. & J. HORNELL, Canoes of Oceania, Bishop Museum
    Press, Honolulu, 1936-1936

    IRWIN, Geoffrey, The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1992

    KIRCH, Patrick V. On the Road of the Winds, University of California Press Ltd. London 2000

    LEWIS, David, We, the Navigators, Second edition, University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu, 1994

    MARCHAJ, C.A. Sail Performance, Theory and Practice, London: Adelard Coles, 1996 pp. 158-176 (Contains details of Marchaj's wind-tunnel tests on sails resembling the Taumako type)

    PUKU'I, Mary Kawena, Tales of the Menehune, Kamehameha Schools Press, Honolulu, 1985 (contains Hawaiian version of Lata story, p. 3)

Vaka Taumako Project of the
Pacific Traditions Society

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The Vaka Taumako Project operates under the aegis of the Pacific Traditions Society, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. Monetary and some other donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

In Germany, donations for the VTP are tax deductible if you donate to the Verein zur Frderung kultureller Traditionen (a non-profit organisation) under the key word "Vaka Taumako Project". For address and bank account information see

Dr. Mimi George, Principal Investigator
Mailing address:
Dr. Mimi George and Paramount Chief K. Kaveia
P.O. Box 1561, Kapa`au, HI 96755 USA
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H. M. Wyeth, Permanent Secretary
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FAX 001 808 823 6741

Larry Williamson, President,
The Pacific Traditions Society

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