The Vaka Taumako Project of
the Pacific Traditions Society

Vaka Taumako Polynesian Voyaging Canoe
 - canoes like this one sailed
 the Pacific for over a thousand years.

    Table of Contents  

  What is the Vaka Taumako Project
  Mission Statement

          Articles  —
  The Story of Lata
  The Return of Lata
  The Art & Craft of a Voyaging Canoe
  The Return of the Tepuke
  Nohoanga Te Matangi – "Wind Compass"
  Sailing in the Solomons – by Rick Feinberg
  Notes from the Solomons – (With 38 Photos)
  Preliminary Summary of Data and Research Findings
      – (M. George – For the National Science Foundation)
          Sections  —
  Newsletters & Updates
  Photo Gallery
  External Links

          Updates  —
  Presentation at the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center  – February 2012
  Te Matua's Gift  – By Mimi George, Ph.D.
  California Maritime Academy Exhibit
  Internet for Taumako
  Lata Navigation School + 43 Photos

          Announcements  —
  Paramount Chief Koloso Kaveia – Obituary
 – footage of Taumako voyaging canoe
  Full Size Tepuke and Models For Sale

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